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Retrieve answers from documents, synthesise new content effortlessly, and summarise with utmost ease. Unleash the power of Generative AI for comprehensive knowledge solutions using Queryfic, the enterprise knowledge agent, a product by Cere Labs.

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Amplifying sales success

Enhance your sales strategies with Queryfic. It crafts tailored pre-meeting briefs for sales professionals, drawing on your team's collective knowledge. These briefs include product specs, data sheets, and comparison charts, streamlining the sales process and boosting deal closures. Say goodbye to tedious manual research and hello to an enhanced sales process with Queryfic at your side.

Empowering legal experts

Discover how Queryfic transforms the legal landscape. With Queryfic's powerful capabilities, you can efficiently navigate intricate contracts and lengthy legal documents. Say goodbye to hours spent deciphering dense legalese; Queryfic provides concise, clear summaries that ensure you grasp the essence of even the most complex agreements. Plus, expedite the agreement-drafting process by leveraging Queryfic's document analysis, which can help you generate new contracts based on your existing templates. Unlock the potential for precision and efficiency in your legal workflow with Queryfic.

Revolutionalise equity analysis

Queryfic can be utilized by equity analysts to swiftly extract comprehensive insights from financial documents, facilitating the creation of insightful pre-meeting briefs and enabling a thorough comprehension of a company's financial health. By effortlessly generating interactive summaries and extracting pertinent data, Queryfic revolutionizes equity analysis into a streamlined, data-driven process.

Transforming training

Leverage Queryfic to revolutionize your employee training initiatives. It excels in generating personalized training content that aligns perfectly with individual learning requirements and objectives. With its capability to produce tailored quizzes and training materials, Queryfic empowers organizations to create highly effective and engaging training programs that cater to each employee's unique development needs.

What is

Queryfic is an Enterprise Knowledge Agent based on Generative AI. It collects knowledge from a variety of sources in an organization and creates a knowledge base. This knowledge base is used for delivering answers to the users.

A bit more about the technology. Queryfic is a software platform built using open source technologies. It uses large language models (LLMs) at its core. The amazing capabilities of LLMs are leveraged for industrial use cases by adding a variety of augmentations. A layer of integrations is added to enable Queryfic to fit seamlessly into your environment.

The advantage

Get answers, not just results

Get replies, summaries, briefs and how-tos that you can put to use instantly.

Use all your knowledge sources

Collect knowledge from drives, DMSs, websites, databases or any other source of information.

Deliver knowledge in an easy way

Serve the knowledge on channels best suited to your users: chat, email, WhatsApp, Teams, Slack …

Use your current channels

Do not change your pathways of communication. Integrate Queryfic with your current channels such as chatbots, website searches etc.

Keep your data secure

The Queryfic knowledge base remains within your premises. Only anonymised material is used in case any external interface is used.

See authentic information

See the actual source along with the answer. Never worry about the accuracy and truthfulness.

Unified knowledge base

Queryfic consolidates data from all your organizational sources to create a comprehensive knowledge base, fostering efficient access to critical information.

Versatile data handling

Queryfic effortlessly interprets diverse data formats, including documents, audio, presentations, and spreadsheets, for comprehensive knowledge extraction.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Who we are

Queryfic is developed by Cere Labs, a company working in artificial intelligence (AI). With their deep understanding of applying AI for business benefits, the Cere Labs team has introduced many innovative products to customers from various industries such as finance, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, consulting and so on. The intelligent document processing platform Dtect by Cere Labs is used by more than 10 customers to process millions of documents every year.

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Cere Labs

Queryfic is a product developed by Cere Labs, a company that specializes in AI solutions tailored for businesses and enterprises.

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